Rising From The Valley of Death

… So I was shirtless. Doing push-ups on a big ass rock. In the middle of the Mojave Dessert. I was 16. I was hot. I was high.

I had snuck some contraband in my back-pack. I Rolled it in a piece of paper from a corner store brown bag, and smoked…
Because I knew the counselors would check on me at sunrise and sunset, I had to smoke in the middle of the day. We were on a 3- day “solo” where we were not to interact with another human being for 72 hours. This was only a portion of the larger 28 day backpacking trip through the Mojave Desert, which you know my inner-city-bread-Black-ass wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t a graduation requirement for the white-ass-suburban school I attended.
I’ll stop here, let you digest that…

Now back to the portrait of the chicken chested teenager doing push-ups in the middle of Death Valley: I stopped after a couple of sets, I turned to the left, and all at once: I realized the stones on the hillside were laid in the pattern of individual faces. Little faces looking up to God(s)…That was the highest I have ever been.

Now that I’ve told you that, we can talk for real…the traditional method of this blogging business calls for a bio, links to previous work, and an annoying low-budget video…and we’ll get to that… but first and foremost, while I have your undevided attention, I’d like to introduce:

Penn’s Station: a place to laugh and learn.

” Hi-Times in the Valley of Death”, this story is utter entertainment evertime I tell someone the afforementioned… and pure enlightenment when I countinue…

I learned 3 things out there

1. never leave your life in the hands of any man.

2. the story of the hero’s journey (more info to come)

3. no force on earth is stronger than water."Keep Your Head To the Sky"


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