Haiti:The Power of Prayer.


At this hour, it seems as though the communication tools of the world are ringing with information as to where and how you can assist in the Haitian relief effort. Top searches on the internet are about how you can help support Wycleff Jean’s initiative to aid the island. And a close second is topic of Pat Robertson’s declaration that Haiti is cursed. “cursed” an ironic statement if I ever heard one, as there is no doubt that there are strong spirits on the island of Hispaniola. But cursed isn’t a word I would use, not with the evidence of the power of prayer in Haiti.

On August 14, 1791  Boukman Dutty and Cecile Fatiman organized the community in an area known as Bois Caïman. The masses prayed to the Iwa Diety of Ezili Dantora. Her power of being the single mother, and the protector of God’s children  motivated the people spiritually. Ezili Dantora’s presnce in the people, accompanied by Boukman’s prayer rallied the people to fight for their land, and eventually drove out Napoleon Bonaparte’s French army.

This was the same army that was terrorizing many other parts of the known world;  who could forsee  a rebellious army of enslaved individuals could channel this power. The belief that  their God, and the God of those who enslaved them, did not operate on the same principles lead the toppling of one of the world’s most powerful armies; all on the strength of common belief as shown through prayer.  

At this hour, Thursday January 14th, 2010, two days after a massive earthquake has killed hundreds of thousands in Haiti, it has become evident that the relief efforst for Haiti is the talk of the world. But I believe the only thing stronger than the relief efforts of the Red Cross, the United Nations,  Wycleff Jean, and many heartfelt individuals world-wide…  are the prayers being casted world-wide.

I read that fried pork , chocolate liquor, rum,  Florida Water Perfume, and strong unfiltered cigarettes are the offerings presented tothe Diety Ezili Dantor during times of prayer. I offer this, thoughts, prayers, and positive energy go to the people of Haiti.



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