Sesame Street’s Black History


Who doesn’t remember when Tickle me Elmo came out? better yet, who didn’t watch Sesame Street as a kid? and the real question: who knew there was a Black History moment tied to the the turf which Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and Cookie Monster claimed?

His name is Kevin Clash, and he is credited as being the one who brought Elmo to life! Sesame Street’s bio of Mr. Clash credits him as more than just the puppeteer that gave Elmo his voice and charm- but he also worked with the Ninja Turtles!!! (another childhood favorite). My bru Kev…aka Mr. Clash worked for Sesame Street, but he was from  Baltimore, MD

An interview with Huffington Post shows that Mr. Clash was just pulling strings- he is actually an avid educator. Who would have known?

much respect to Kevin Clash…



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