Marijuana, Beyond getting High…

Why is marijuana illegal? why is marijuana frowned upon? why is marijuana taboo to speak about?the panelist.

In effort to answer these, and other questions… We sparked a blunt

conversation about the topic of marijuana.

Hemp, one of the most durable fabrics in the world, seems to be intertwined with the fabric of American society. Marijuana is found in science labs, street corners, in the coat pockets of those who work in the corner offices, and in the jean pockets of college kids striving to earn a degree-that will land that job with a corner office.

At the Charles R. Drew Hall dormitory on the Howard University campus, there is no difference. In response, we at Drew Hall decided to have a panel discussion where students could hear voices of reason and also voice their reasons as to why they smoke…. The discussion was titled “Marijuana, Beyond getting High”…we even have a video

and here are some pics…

Pen speaking

the crowd

In the end, the panel discussion served its purpose in getting people to speak about marijuana openly…but we might have opened a pandora’s box…I just hope people think critically about their actions- as opposed to just going with the flow…


Pendarvis H.


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