Go DJ! Go DJ! Go Green!

Who would of thought that one day DJ Biz Markie would spin records in front of the US Capitol building in effort to save the environment… On Wednesday February 24th, that happened. And I was there.

News cameras flashed. Any news outlet you can name was on hand, as a solid contingency of all races and ages roared in support of an environmentally friendly economy. In the foreground was the Hip-Hop Caucus‘ bus- fresh from a road trip which spanned spanned from the boot shaped state of  Louisiana to the diamond shaped District of Columbia. And in the background, was the United States Capitol Building. A symbolic stance to say the least.

Many grassroots organizations pitched in to organize college students and elders, and their efforts paid off. The event created a news buzz and got a number of people talking about the concept of a green economy; a concept which is far from new.

However, It got me to thinking: how do we make this movement toward a environmentally friendly economy evident to individuals in the inner city?I asked legendary DJ Biz Markie, I asked head of Green for All Pheadrea Ellis Lamkins, I asked the Hip-Hop Caucus’ Rev. Yearwood, and I also asked Congressman Carson from Indiana.

Biz on the 1's and 2's

Paradiseexit.com‘s Dominique DaCruz of captured a portion of the event on video; and Congressman Carson addressed my question head on. He spoke on making it transparent to people in the inner cities that this “green movement” isn’t just white people trying to save the environment, but this is the future of the American economy. We as economically marginalized citizens of the inner city- can’t afford to miss this opportunity to ride this green wave.

I don’t believe this information has become evident to the necessary people. However, this conference was inspiring in terms of the energy, and if this can continue to go from hood to hood, as the Hip-Hop Caucus has done with its “Green the Block” movement, maybe- just maybe those in an economic bind will begin to seek employment, skills, and ownership in the realm of a green economy.

here are some of the photographic highlights from the day complements of Zelena Williams

And for more amazing photos from the people who organized the actual tour click HERE

Rev. Yearwood of the Hip-Hop Caucus speaking

Reverend Yearwood of the Hip-Hop Caucus speaking to the crowd

Interviewing Rev. Yearwood
Interviewing Phaedra Ellis Lamkins head of Green for All
interviewing Biz-Markie
a sign of the times

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