Black Graphic Novels

Wait… so you mean to tell me there is a genre of comic books, that tells stories of legendary Black historical figures!?!? tales of Black fictional figures!?!?! and highlights Black heroes?!?! where has my Black ass been!?!?!

I first found out about this world of Black comic books through a presentation by Kyle Baker at Howard University. Baker is the author of the award winning book, “Nat Turner”.

The book depicts the historical tale of Nat Turner’s revolt against slave owners through few words, and many graphic pictures.

The art was amazing. I was hooked. I began researching other books…

I heard about ” Stagger Lee” and ” Daddy Cool”. Both graphic novels, that use the term “graphic” to the fullest extent; the books show nudity, speak of street life, and if ever were turned into a motion picture, they would be rated R.

Needles to say, I bought both of them. “Daddy Cool” is my favorite thus far.

I also heard about the Golden Legacy series, and my mind was blown. This is the perfect way to teach Black history!

Comic books are the easiest books to consume (fewer words and more pictures)… and because of the imagery, the authors’ message is that much more influential.

Speaking of influence, before Kyle Baker departed from his stop at Howard University, he left this jewel for me to wrestle with in my thinking tank of a head…

“What is the most stolen type of book in the world?”, Baker asked the audience in the lecture room.

everyone was quietly thinking.

Baker responded to his own question, “THE BIBLE!”.

everyone laughed…

and then Baker said, “…the second most stolen type of book in the world: comic books”.

Yeah, I found out about this genre a couple of months ago, and I’m already a collector.


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