So Chalant is an artist that takes a page out of your favorite authors book,

“I’m a lyricist”, said SoChalant about his approach to his craft. His music takes the listener from their own reality and into the word of a lyrical perfectionist. Although the young artist is still working on his first major project, his music has been downloaded thousands of times, which is very respectable in this day and age of downloadable  mix-tapes dominating the rap industry.

one thing i can say i appreciate about SoChalant’s artistry is with his commitment to his craft as a lyricist, is an understanding of how these lyrics depicting vivid images can affect the minds of his listeners, as he agknowled that younger listeners need not see certain things in ther music.

He not exactly what you would call a “social concisous rapper”, in fact, his tone of voice is often compared to that of legendary decesaed gangster rapper Eric “Easy-E” Wright of the group straight of Compton, known as NWA.

SoChalant’s music, like him, originates in Oakland, Ca and then takes the listeners on a trip through colleges, strip clubs, and right back to Cali where music and cars go together like a kick-drum and a snare…

Speaking of kick-drum and snare, SoChalant sat down with Youth Outlook’s Pendarvis Harshaw and discussed his addiction to perfection in all things, including his music; he also discusses the visual impact of true lyrics…and the visual impact of this one experience in a strip club in Atlanta.

Here is a link to video interview, first published by HERE

After his suggestion, i took a listen to the song about the strip club fantasy, here is a link…CLICK HERE


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