Paper Planes: “JETS, fool.”

Rappers are making it cool to smoke zig-zags again… parents hide your stash!!!

“Jets, fool.” Curre$y says, as the hard working artist from the Big Easy hops on yet another track. J.E.T.S. = Just Enjoy This Shit, And thats exactly what the 28-year old rapper seems to be doing.

The song is either about fast cars, new kicks, weed, or women. plenty of songs about weed and women. the subject matter rarely changes for Curren$y. He has made his brand, and established his following.

For a full bio on Curren$y, click here, but all you need to know is he has a long list of mix tapes. He has been to signed to both No Limit Records and Young Money Records, before signing to Dame Dash’s new label DD172 New York. He had a smash hit single back in 2007, a song called “Where the cash at?” featuring Lil Wayne. And he has done a number of projects worthy of notoriety with Pittsburgh, PA’s own Whiz Kalifa.

The one fun fact that’s not mentioned in his bio, but is a very important tidbit as to who Curren$y is… He’s smokes Zig-Zags! Only! In fact, he and Whiz Kalifa are the only two emcees that I know that openly endorse rolling in “paper planes”…

"Curren$y and Whiz look 4 a roll-up" by Ray.
"where's the roll-up?" cartoon by Ray.

I found just how big this “paper plane” epidemic was as the California sun was beaming down on the blacktop, I couldn’t hit a J for the life of me. And on top of my jump shot being horrendous, I kept smoking lay-ups. It was an all around unfocused day on the hoop court. I lost a game of 21, and my team lost in the 5-on-5 game. My mind was elsewhere. And my ass was soon on the bleachers, asking, “who got next?”, and with my next breath I got punched in the nose with the odor…

On the far end of the playground bleachers, some fresh High School kids were taking flight: rolling papers. Man, you know long its been since I saw someone roll papers outside? You know how long its been since I’ve seen someone roll papers, period?

I wanted to ask them if they were Curren$y and Whiz fans…But you don’t just walk up to a group of folks smoking weed in the park; the reward of having my question answered was outweighed by the risk of being looked at as a freeloader.

So now, as Curren$y’s new album “Pilot Talk”, flies off the virtual I-tunes and Amazon sales racks, I wonder how strategic of a move it was to push the “JETS” movement? I wonder if Curren$y knew that he was tapping into the crossroads of hip-hop culture and weed smoking culture? And I wonder if he  knew putting an old twist on rolling up weed would create a movement within the youth: “JETS, fool.”

Here is Curren$y’s “Breakfast” video…and yes, he rolls a paper plane in this video.


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