Recently, I asked my social network world,”What music video had the flyest cars?”… and theses were some of the responses…

American Cars

bling bling by Cash Money“, said Nick Owen

Lil wayne single. Bugatti Veyron (one of the fastest production cars in the world)”- Blair Weekly

Cosmic Girl’ – Jamiroquai – from Jason Mui

#1 stunna (wah wah wah wah wut!) was suggested by both Damien McDuffie and Courtney Feemster

Get yo roll on” and “Nothin but a G thing” were suggested by Colleen Zellmer

Wycleff Videos (in general) came from Justin Yarbrough

Any Bay video (in general) said Benjamin Snyder

“Master P had a fuckin tank on a ball court… Just sayin” said my friend Eric Stamm.

And Eric was right, Master P did have a fucking tank on the basketball court in the video “Make em say uhh”

as for my favorite music videos with cars…

<- “Mobbing in my old school“- Lil Bruce

…and thats only because of my Bay-biased… but outside of the Bay: best cars in music videos goes to Trick Daddy.

“Boy” by Trick Daddy is a fly car video… but that’s because of how the car flies during the cop chase, not the actual car.

The music video for the song “Shut-Up” by Trick Daddy is a classic car music video… and a classic line when he says: ” Riding around… in my brand new ’99… 4-door…  Volvo.”

And last, but not least…just cause this song makes me smile… and thee flyest ole school green Impala…

I’m a Thug” Trick Daddy….


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