“#Action”- London.

He is a young R&B singer who takes his life experience and expresses them in a universal way. He makes music for the fly kids and through it, you might be able to understand how his life is… His name is London. and he’s talking about #Action.

London talks #Action.

We talked for 30 minutes about his rise into the R&B game, his college experience in Atlanta at Morehouse, and returning home to Oakland, California where his latest hit single “Action” has gained much fanfare without much radio play. Now, local radio stations are slowly starting to wake up to London’s movement.

Local radio station 106.1 KMEL recently played “Action” for the first time. I was shaking off a mean cat nap on a Saturday evening, as I groggily checked my twitter timeline: all I saw was #Action.

An overwhelming percentage of my twitter timeline heard the track, and were tweeting the word #Action all over the place.

I had to get to the bottom of it: who is this London guy and what is this “#Action”?

A notable Bay Area Hip-Hop site, 38thnotes.com featured the “Action” video

The song was dope. the video was dope. but I was still a little lost…

What does #Action really mean?

One week after my twitter timeline was full of #Action, I had the opportunity to sit down with the man himself, and ask London, what is this “#Action” is all about?

I conducted a brief audio interview, but here is a little video footage of London discussing his concept for the video, and how it applies to his music…..

A longer audio version of the interview aired on KMEL’s Street Soldiers


on Sunday July 25th. The local stations, much like myself, are no longer sleeping on London.



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