G The 7th Ledda Goes Hard!

G in G II Lounge.


G one time joked that he owned the GII lounge, a recently renovated bar and lounge on the corner of Fairmont st. and Georgia Ave. across the street from Howard University. And, on Saturday October 16th, all jokes aside, the building was his.

G The 7th Ledda, along with a number of other unsigned talented young artists, held down a crowd of over 50 people in the upstairs loft of the GII lounge. I slid in the building a little late, but just in time to see G perform his latest record, “Hyped up”. the scene was epitomized by one large gentleman with the wide circumference in the front row of the show- putting on his own show. He was “Hyped up”, as he literally jumped up and down on beat, defying the laws of gravity while spilling minimal amounts from what I assume was not his first beer. The gentleman who could have been mistaken for an offensive lineman for the Redskins exemplified exactly what I saw my homie G doing at this point in his career: getting BIG things jumping!

I have known G since freshman year of college. He stayed in the room directly above mines in the Charles R. Drew freshman dormitory. We all rapped; everyone at a Black college raps …but G stuck with it. And now, his long hours of working on his craft are slowly starting to be revealed to the world .

G has been turning heads on campus since freshman year with his freestyle flow, but it wasn’t until the track “I am Ready” came out that people took note of G’s craft as a wordsmith.

I applaud the process of seeing G maneuver through the game. “moving my way up” is one of his more notable records, and evidently a theme for his career.

In the midst of random flights to and fro, opening concerts for major names, and social networking as well as gorilla networking- G somehow manages to attend classes. As a Telecommunications Management major and Entrepreneurship minor, G and I have the exact same major and minor. Therefore, I can relate to the gravity of the workload, and yet, I can in no way relate to the productivity.

In fact, I had fallen asleep on my craft of writing until G showed me this video…  “Go hard“!

Inspired by the message of the video, however simple. Inspired by the video itself, however simple. It simply made me want to get off my ass and GO Hard!




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