…1 Cool Bird…

…This is the story of 1 cool bird…

My walk down the street on a crisp early November afternoon was interrupted by the thundering steps of a random white bird. As I approached my feathered friend, I questioned if it was a pigeon or a dove. The bird didn’t question me at all. It didn’t ruffle a feather. Instead, it took to my presence… it even struck a pose.

Cool Bird.




As I took a picture of this fair looking foul, and appreciated its randomness,  I figured this was a sign of good luck… and proceeded into my dormitory to eat a triple-decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


I came out of my dorm no more than 10 minutes later; I didn’t have enough time to wipe crumbs from my mouth before it dropped to the ground: the cool bird was laid in the street in front of my dorm.




RIP Cool Bird


…I know there is a much deeper lesson in all of this, and it will probably hit me further down the road….

I asked a couple of friends about it, I tweeted about it, and now I’m blogging about it.

I’ve gathered 3 things from this instance thus far:

1. Doves are white pigeons.

2. Appreciate the random stuff in life.

3. Life is short: influence people and your story will live long.


5 thoughts on “…1 Cool Bird…

  1. There are probably as many takes as there are people. But that was your moment. Keep paying attention. What do you make of the fact D.B. and I twice watched a ‘turkey’ walking the streets in rhe neighborhood, on different days. how are you doing?

  2. Everything that happens to us happens for a reason. It wasn’t your time, however, lesson taught, make the best impression you can so that your name, legacy, presence, and spirit are always felt. That means just like that bird, you will be remembered because of who you were, what you did, and the impression you left. Wasn’t your time once again, but the bird taught you that you must leave a good thought about yourself, so that you live on in the presence of others.

    Love you cuz, and love what you do to inspire others. Keep living your legacy and keep your name alive.

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