Rico Suave Presents: Suave Saturday’s

Terico Harper, aka Ricosuave has done it again!


One of the most innovative artist  I have the pleasure of calling my homeboy, comes with music and videos consistently on what he has dubbed, “Suave Saturdays”.

His website ( http://www.ricosuaveatl.com/ ) is full of music, videos, and pics. And in this world of viral youtube videos, Ricosuave Atlanta’s own  “Rap Superhero” has created some very intriguing short motion pictures….


The video, “Mo Milli  (Famous Shit)” depicts Ricosuave doing some famous shit… or rather, taking a famous shit. (for the entirety of the music video)


Maybe the fecal matter flow isn’t your flavor, fear not: Ricsuave has no problem with addressing the popular media. In fact, he took one of the most popular television shows of our generation and showed his appreciation. Here is the  Martin Theme Song as done by Ricosuave.


Who doesn’t look forward to Saturdays ? Ricosuave just gave you another entertaining reason….

As it states in his bio, “Suave”…”Suave”…”Suave” Dun Dun Dun! The Rap Superhero has arrived!


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