Royal Jokers Car Club at 1/4 Pound Burger.

Low riders and burger joints go together like french fries and shakes.
On Friday March 4th, 2011 the 1/4 Pound Burger drive through restaurant on Telegraph and West Grand in Oakland, Ca boasted a menu which featured burger, fries, and  shakes…
what better way to consume a meal from of the 1950’s, than to do it while surrounded by low riders with loud engines and candy paint!
The Royal Jokers Car club teamed up the management of the 1950’s-esque burger shack in order to turn an otherwise quiet Oakland street into the scene straight out of the classic 1950’s pop movie “Grease Lightning”.
I got the opportunity to catch up with Royal Jokers Car Club leader, Carlos Valteau, we spoke briefly about the driving reason behind this event…
(left to right) Head of the Royal Jokers Car club Carlos Valteau and friend

Valteau explains how this event came about


… low rider photo essay…


thank you to the Royal Jokers Car club… this event made my night.


For all of those who enjoy cars as much as I do…  A song to ride out to :

No particular place to go“- Chuck Berry


One thought on “Royal Jokers Car Club at 1/4 Pound Burger.

  1. one of the best car hang outs in the bay get down with your bad self royal jokers from big ern from mission

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