Bucketfeet on deck!

“Buy a Shoe, Build a Community”-the good people at Bucketfeet.

Bucketfeet on deck!

A high school friend and baseball teammate, Aaron Firestein has started a shoe company called: “Bucketfeet”. The funky- artsy shoes are prime footwear for the approaching Summer season. On top of being some stylish-comfy shoes, the proceeds from the company go toward rebuilding communities all around the world.

After traveling around the world himself, Fierstein saw how he could combine his love and appreciation for art, with his passion for traveling, and his drive to uplift the community: through shoes!

The company is just getting things started; and with an article in the Los Angeles Times, It seems things are on the good foot.

For more info on bucketfeet, check out the website (http://www.bucketfeet.com/) ;  be sure to check the photo link, as Aaron Firestein is not only a CEO of a shoe company, he’s also a dope photographer!

I just got my first pair, and now I’m ready for the Summer to start… it’s time to kick it!

good luck Bucketfeet.


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