Getting active with Red, Bike, And Green.

Red,Bike, Green

It was the First Friday in August. The Town was festive. I stood on the corner-in awe of all of it.

I was just about to tweet about the droves of hipsters, the smell of Mediterranean food, and the mechanical bull in front of a local club…

I stopped mid-tweet.

… And then I saw this group of 25-30 young Black people… on bikes.

I grabbed my camera from my backpack, and mumbled two words to myself:

Get. Active.


Daghe, riding out!

Lift As You Climb.

Iron St. Murals in Detroit. Photo Credit: Pendarvis Harshaw



I’ve heard: the road to success is paved with other people’s necks… 

You’re kidding me right?


I’m going to reach the top- by uplifting people.

...Lift As you climb...

… sneak peak at this book I’ve been writing…

1 page out of one of my 31 notebooks...

I will write this book.

It’s a story of a lost young man, growing-up and looking to his elders for guidance… well, he actually looked to women, cars, and money- but, it just so happened that his elders had the women, the cars, and the money; plus wisdom of how to obtain these things.

The elders would drop wisdom rapped in words so profound that the young man couldn’t help but to write them down…And as a young rapper growing up in inner-city America, he’d quote these elders in his lyrics. But he’d soon find that this process of taking the wisdom from the elders and applying it to his life was more profound than any rap song. Deeper than poetry. and too big for newspaper headlines.

It’s not just about this one young man in America. It’s a universal concept:

Learn from elders. Teach the youth.

It is culture. It is religion. It is the way of life…

It is human nature to want to grow old and gain wisdom as you do so.

Only thing is… out here… We don’t all get to grow old.. and even fewer of us value wisdom…and on top of that…we don’t call them elders… we call them OG’s.

I will write this book.

Afterall, it’s my story.