Other Side of the Fence

All the cool stuff is on the other side of the fence. Always.

” What Happened To The Art”

“Mr. Let Art Live.”

” Musician Behind Bars.”

“Through the Gate, Over the Shoulder of the DJ, Alley-oop For 2.”

“Skater. Black Skater.”

“Safe at the Plate Statue.”

“Praising Statue”

‘Hot Wheels”

” Train wheels”

” Ole Skool Wheels.”

” We Ridin: I’m Pak”

” The Sunflower That Grew Behind the Fence.”

“A Flower on the Fence”

” Behind Fences: Evil Dwells”

“Behind Fences: Victory Dwells.”


How ingenious is that? this blog- is called “blog.” and not only that … but the first line of this blog- is about the title! go figure…

now that I’ve got that out of the way….

The motivation behind this train of thought: my new computer.

I’ve worked all Summer to get a machine that I could use to produce my blogs, my photos, my essays … photo-essays! my radio shows, my dreams, my videos,  my movies, my cartoons, my tweets, my facebook statuses, did I mention my dreams?

And now I finally got it!

Well, it’s not exactly the computer of my dreams- but it gets the job done.

Here’s a picture!

Wait, no! wrong one!

( I’m still figuring this fan-dangled-thingy-McBobby out.)

Here is my computer

time to get active.

Coming soon:

– More updated on “OG Told Me” ( photo essay) : http://ogtoldme.tumblr.com/

-More updates to “Penn’s Station podcast”: http://ogpenn.podomatic.com/

– Book coming early 2012.

– check the website: http://ogpenn.com/ 

and remember that Xanax is the coolest palindrome. ever.