The Wise Ole Sage.


the wise old sage
one eye green. one grey.
both glazed. hands so rough. feel as if they've been paved. 
torn up. and need to be repaved.
mumbles blessings she gave.
from a tongue that had not a tooth in it's way.
gums the same color as spades.
speech raised spirits. but her voice never raised.

she said. she's seen. seldom. a spirit. like the one in me.
she said. she's seen. ancient séances. 
that couldn't bring old souls back to the living. 
Yet,a living old soul is what she sees in me. 
she said. she's seen.... (silence).
not a thing. so old, I could hear her breathe.
as she got closer to me with her lean.
one eye grey. one green. eye 2 eye with me.

she asked, who I be?
"Youz a culmination of everything: Tutankhamun- a king. 
Muhammed the profit's offspring. Addonis from the Greeks. 
The Lion of Judah conquering.
Eric the Viking at sea. Ghangus Khan accomplishing Warrior feats...

..Confusions deep. Sitting Bull tribal Chief.
Marcus Garvey.
This land fears you King."

She said she's noticed. When Moses arose.
Not a child was to grow. In fear of the power he holds.
Don't the similarities show. Every back man that you know.
Thinks about your potential-power-and your position.
then think about your generation, culmination, and what your eyes invision.
- Pendarvis Harshaw, circa 2004.









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