Written by Howard School of Communications alum Pendarvis Harshaw, “OG TOLD ME” is a beautiful testament to the real role that black men play in our community. This is the role of educators, motivators, supporters, coaches, fathers to whole neighborhoods. This blog is a tool for youth to connect with the wisdom of their elders in a way that they might not have the foresight to initiate themselves. It creates a bridge over this huge generational gap in communication, by technologically bringing historical conversations between Harshaw and his subjects to youth directly.

This blog means a lot to me for two reasons :

1. My young father always told me that there was great value in the customs of the older generations. The image that they held of themselves was polished, so that they made themselves known to others as one to be taken seriously. I always identified with a…

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  1. Penn:
    I am a friend of your mom’s; we met while working at Discover Card in Columbus OH. I know that you dont remember me or know me but you were around 3 yrs old when your mom left Ohio to move to California, and while I know single motherhood is not easy, it was the best thing she could have done at that time.

    I knew your dad Penn Sr. He & my ex used to get together & do what they do…so I ended up leaving him because of his addictions to cocaine and heroin…

    I married another man in 1992 and we have a child together but I ended leaving him when our child was 4 yrs old because of his addictions and now our son, now 19 yrs old has no idea about who his father is, so I am sharing your blog with him to help him figure out who he is…. and help him to heal & grow.

    I am so happy so and very proud of you and thank you so much for this blog; it is very inspiring!

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