Loyalty And Hip-Hop.

hip hop
hip hop
First grade: I had the fade with the duck tail. I was a “sporty” kid… and I had never wanted any ball, toy, or article of clothing as bad as I wanted this… So I stole it.
I left out of the Sam Goody Record store with a genuine Crest Kid smile:
Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony’s “E. 1999” ontape was mine!!!
… at that moment- I became loyal to Hip-Hop.
That was my pledge. I committed a crime in the name of Hip-Hop. I would later admit this  story to a college friend, and the homie replied: “It’s not gangster rap-unless you steal it, bro.”
I appreciate certain aspects of the industry, but I live for the culture.
  • The dancing at the bus stop while awaiting that late night bus cause you’re coming from that 1 chick’s house cross town…
  • Making beats on the wooden desk in the back of my algebra classroom with a pencil and a hair brush…
  • Freestyle sessions in the backseat of a smokey Buick in the middle of the hood- in the middle of the day- sweating bullets cause i’m the smallest and they made me sit in the middle seat. No one would open the door. No one wanted to break the flow…
We’re all loyal to Hip-Hop… to some extent.
Hip-Hop has a hold on America. It’s everywhere. I once wondered if the popularization of the art form would water it down… no…The popularization created a polarization: underground vs. mainstream.
 like water and oil- it … Both flow… They just have a different feel/ texture.
Jeff Chang’s “Can’t Stop, Won’t stop”, put a lot Hip-Hop’s influence on modern America into perspective for me; a great read for any loyal Hip-Hop head.
I’m loyal to hip hop.
And Hip-Hop is loyal to me.
When I’m experiencing women troubles (or “I don’t have a woman-troubles” ) I listen to Devin The Dude.
When I want to change the world ( Or just accept that im just another nigga in this world) I listen to 2Pac.
When I want to feel like an intellectual urban-ite I listen to Nas.
When I awake, I listen to Big K.R.I.T. … When I go to sleep, I listen to Curren$y.
When I reminisce about growing up in Oakland- I play hyphy music…
When I want to get away from Oakland- I listen to mid-90’s east coast gangster rap.
When I think of loyalty, I think of what has been there for me…
Family, friends, and even my sense confidence  sometimes escape me in my darkest hour.
But even when the batteries stop working on the Walkman or the faulty internet connection isn’t letting me download the newest mixtape… There’s always a Hip-Hop song playing in my head… My heart is a beat machine.
On a loyal note.. Today is Hip-Hop’s birthday… Happy Birthday Hip-Hop.

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