August Writing Challenge: August Wilson.

Keep art alive.
Keep art alive.

I first heard of August Wilson at Howard University. A rendition of one of his 10 “cycle of plays chronicles” plays entitled, “Fences” play was portrayed at a campus event. The subject matter of race relations, blue collar working, and sports was right up my alley.  

August Wilson’s biography explains why his writing is authentic; he lived it. He wrote about his hometown.  He wrote about his family & friends. He wrote about the life he lived.


The ideal approach to writing something is doing it from experience. Allowing it to be cathartic; an expression of a repressed emotion and or memory. Those are the best writings.


This August i’ve been challenged to write about a different word everyday… Today’s word is “August”. Last August I got the idea to do a photoessay on August Wilson’s play: “Other Side of The Fence.

Oh… The Play “Fences” won an award for best Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award for Best Play in 1987… Yeah, that was a good year.


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