“…The Foresight is Clear…”

Mon Aug 13  – clarity

…. The above words set on an open Word document while I went on a search… For 1 tweet… For 45 minutes.

I got on twitter, and I saw that the Raiders lost. I saw a couple cute girls tweeting about being lonely… per usual.

I saw my homie @Prophet_Gibran tweet the link to a Spotify playlist called: ♫ Summertime Cookout Wavy Music http://spoti.fi/TAM4Z0  #Spotify

Naturally, I clicked the playlist. It jams-solid lil fusion of new tunes & old skool. Cool.

During one of those random ole skool songs, one of the homies came by- we cracked jokes about the timing of the miscellaneous song- (then changed the song), talked about the Raiders losing, educational aspirations… and women…blah… blah..blah…

The homie left about twenty minutes later, I looked back to twitter and noticed a number of people had responded to a question I asked earlier… something like: “do men still holla at women on the street… and does that shit work?” (That wasn’t the tweet I originally set out for… nonetheless, it caught my attention.)

I got yes and no answers. A number of people saying that it was in the approach and some even gave me the actual approach “make eye contact” … “Use your inside voice”. Nothing like getting tips on your G online…

After checking a couple of news articles and cute women’s tweets/ blog’s … about 45 minutes later I found the tweet I set-out for:

“The memory is cloudy, but the foresight is clear…”

I blasted it out this past weekend. I couldn’t remember if it was a line from a song, movie, or what.. I know I can’t be the 1st person to say it.

I can’t remember where it came from.

Yeah, this shows: the mind works in wonderful ways. Clarity is scarce in this day and age. I’d blame it on the technology. Funny, everything is quicker these days: Technology, information, food preparation, athletes, the list goes on…

But achieving goals takes the same amount of time, energy, and focus… clarity. Clear aspirations and intentional actions. That’s what it’s about.

It’s late night by now. Time to get to work on that dream.

…Oh, and TLC’s “What About Your Friends” is a cool song… Just not with the homies.



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