Why Do Men Fall Short of Their Goals?

A young man once came to his father, and asked: “why do men fall short of their goals?”

His father replied,

“It would take some time for a young mind such as your’s to soak it up through your ears, orifices… your pores…

the game that it takes to understand the concept of a man in an orb formed to where he sees nothing more than his own world…(Shakes his head back & forth)…

… that’s a Ouija board

….being possessed by prospects of what you wish to caress… hold. Obsessed…No.

… I’d rather explain Santa Claus, good Lord!”

The young boy didn’t oblige… didn’t applaud… na… he wanted to know: “Pops, how could any man in this world have a plan and fall short?

How is that possible? With the strength of his word… and the faith of the Lord?”

His father saw the determination in his eyes…

He put his whiskey to the side…

… told the young man to have a seat adjacent to him,

upon sitting, he told him something that he would tell him once and never tell him again

“all men do not ascribe to the same rules in life…”

(he stopped 4 a minute or 2… then he continued…)

“But there is one rule above all.. you can call it a ‘man law’…..wait… na… It’s a universal law…

Have a goal, work towards it… Every 24 hours the world orbits

the solar force that causes nature to grow…

So what are you sitting still for?

Get outta my seat. Go.

Toward your goals…”


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