The Ticket.

A conglomerate of my homeboys brought their selected  talents together like they were the Super Friends or something,  and created a short movie about a “Ticket” that will keep you on edge for all 15 minutes.

“grrrrab yo tickect”- Goodie Mobb

Cameron Moore (director), Charles Turner (score), Glen Jones (soundtrack), Joe Davis (actor), John Prince (actor), and Devin Parish (actor), came together to make a twisted depiction of the classic tale: money is the root of evil.

The finished product is a dope 15 minute student film, like I’ve said, but I think the most impressive part was seeing the behind the scenes work. Seeing Cameron tote his laptop computer around like a high school quarterback does a playbook.  Seeing Charles focus intently on putting his compositions with Cameron’s edits. And seeing Glen (G-money) beat me in NBA 2K10 while simultaneously recording verses for the title track to the project. I have to applaud them. Well, not G- Money, I want a rematch…Na, in all seriousness, the song is good music. check it out, here is “The Tickect” by G-Money.

… and while your at it, watch the movie!

Here is a look at ” The Ticket” p. I

“The Ticket” p.II

Much respect, keep producing, keep growing yall.