NBA 2K and MJ Collaborate.

The game of basketball can be summed up in two names: Michael. And Jordan. To his name: 6 NBA Championships, an immaculate career, The title of Charlotte Bobcats franchise owner… but it wasn’t complete until MJ landed his name on the cover of a video game…Again.

Multiple sources, including ESPN , report that NBA legend Michael Jordan will be on the cover of NBA2K11.

The NBA 2K brand has produced the highest selling NBA video game for the past two years, and it shows, as the brand has a tremendous following. But the game’s following is nothing compared to Jordan’s. The name “Jordan” has sold everything from hot dogs to shoes, and from underwear to movies about cartoon characters from outer-space. The combination of the two will sell like hot cakes!

I’ve never actually had the urge to buy a hot cake before. I think that saying is a little outdated. And speaking of outdated: isn’t it a little late for Jordan to land on the cover of a video game?

Well removed from his playing days, and now serving as the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, Michael Jordan is reported to not only be on the cover of NBA2K11, he is also supposed to assist in the making of the game, and be an optional player to compete as!

Jordan has rarely appeared in video games, instead games would put a nameless characters as shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls. A short list of some of the video games Jordan has appeared in: Jordan vs. Bird: One on One, Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City, and the video game Live 2001 was the first game I ever played with MJ available as an active character. That game was made by EA Sports.

Electronic Arts Sports, the longtime reigning top NBA video game designer, has been upended in recent years by the 2K line. The EA Sports company has decided to go with a name change this upcoming video game season, changing its “NBA Live” series to the title of “NBA Elite 11”.

Even with the competition upping the ante, 2K ‘s VP of marketing Jason Argent maintains confidence about the upcoming 2K/ MJ collaboration. Argent was quoted in an article in USA Today, “We’re very confident that this year … will not only be the best basketball game we’ve ever put out, but the best basketball game that’s ever been put out.” Argent continued, “When you start thinking about people that can accurately represent that in the game of basketball, the list is short. And, frankly, the greatest basketball player of all time seemed to be the greatest fit.”

Argent’s marketing philosophy sounds like the opening line to this piece… the game of basketball in two names: Michael. And Jordan.

Game designers are set to debut the cover at the  E3 video game convention June 15-17, 2010 in Los Angeles California, and the game is set to hit stores October 5, 2010. I just want to see if 2K11 sells like hot cakes…or better yet, see if sells like Jordan’s line of shoes.