Free Bikes!!!

I got a new bike! for free! and you can too!

( not my bike- but this cool bike can be found at the Bikery)

I don’t have too much time to write this blog… because I have a new bike… and that means I don’t sit still too long.

This is how you can get a new bike :

1. log onto: ( phone : 510- 536- 6732)

2. call and schedule an appointment. (Tues, Thurs, Sat, or Sun)

3. show up to the scheduled meeting, and participate in the 4 hour tutorial on bike culture.

4. Eat snacks in the middle of the Four hour tutorial

5. leave the 4 hour meeting at the 3 hour mark- to go enjoy a test ride on your bike.

6. come back to do a final check in on the same day… and then the bike is yours!

(The Bikery asks that you check- in some time down the road to make sure the bike is being well kept as well.)

But that’s it! no strings attached (unless you get a bike with streamers).

I attended the meeting just one week after I had gotten my bike stolen (RIP RANGER), I brought my sister along for the ride. We sat through the tutorial where we learned how to properly lock our bikes, how to properly hand signal while in the streets, and even how to properly wear a helmet… yea, my big ole dome in a helmet- picture that!

… There are no pictures of me in a helmet, but there is a picture of my sister in a helmet, smiling ear-to-ear on her new bike…

East Oakland’s Bikery is located on the corner of E. 14th and 23rd Ave, just minutes away from the Fruitvale Bart Station.

The Bikery’s storefront location in East Oakland is a part of the bigger, “Cycles of Change” East Bay nonprofit program that works to get bikes in the hands of the youth. The Bikery takes the same mission as Cycles of Change, while also aiming to get bikes in the hands of lower-income young professionals, especially young Black men.

I am extremely appreciative of my new bike; I’ve been able to make it to make it to my odd-jobs ( teaching and producing media) . I’ve been able to see friends and family. And I’ve even been able to get away from it all, and ride all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge!

my bike. my Bay.