The Summer Pool…NBA Free-Agent Pool.

At this point, just the thought of this upcoming NBA free-agent season is more entertaining than the 2010 NBA Playoffs.

It’s the week of Memorial Day Weekend, and I’m dreaming of that summer pool… that free-agent pool. The Playoffs are played out: the Lakers are poised to take the West and the Celtics/ Magic battle in the East is good competition at the least.Yawn.… I want to know where Lebron is going!?!?
Is he going to New York? Is he taking the show to Manhattan so he can ball in The Garden- with the Knicks? Or is he rolling with Hov to Brooklyn with the Nets? Chicago with Rose? Miami with Wade- Wade’s a free agent, will he be there?…or wait! Maybe Lebron is staying in Cleveland! Maybe they’ll bring in a big man to ball with him! Like Amare Stoudemire! That way Amare and the big Shaq-tus (cactus + Shaquille O’neal…long story) can be united again. Pause. ….or may be even Chris Bosh- yeah! C. B! He’ll be the 3rd biggest thing to come out of Canada in recent memory (only trumped by pop rapper sensation Drake and pop singer sensation Justin Bieber). Oh yeah, shout out to the Bieber kid on the whole BET Award thing!

I might as well shout him out, I was already on a roll cracking jokes about this entertainment industry. That’s all this association is: pure entertainment. Big names in big markets, revenue driven, high priced athleticism. And I’m engulfed in it. So many new jerseys will be flying off the rack next year, I’m just glad its not fashionable to wear them to the club anymore. Actually, If my selected wagers on the placement of this summer’s free-agents pays off, I’ll buy one of those new Golden State Warrior jersey’s (when they hit stores- this summer). I won’t wear it to the club. But I’ll wear it to the beach…or the pool. No joke.

To get a better picture of the free-agent pool of the summer of 2010, click this link right HERE.

Alright, now that we got all of the jokes out the way, its time for the real question, who will retire? We’ve got Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’neal, Juwan Howard, Jerry Stackhouse (who was balling this year, to his credit) and I’m still pushing for the Magic to resign Adonal Foyle!