Once (a poem by my my father)

Letters from Pops...
Letters from Pops…

(A poem from my incarcerated father about me coming to visit him.)



Once I saw a young man’s face

He came to see me in this place.

He had many questions in his heart

So we began at the start.

Why did I walk away?

Why did I not stay to watch him grow and play?

Life is funny I’ve come to see.

My son came to prison to visit me.

When he left it broke my heart

I knew it would right from the start.

Some things are better left alone, I know that now that he is gone.

I know I’ll probably never see him again.

I hope in my soul, I’ve made some amends.

Though we’ll never be the best of friends

I’ll love you my son, til the very end.


By Pendarvis L. Harshaw

For Pendarvis L.A. Harshaw


Why Do Men Fall Short of Their Goals?

A young man once came to his father, and asked: “why do men fall short of their goals?”

His father replied,

“It would take some time for a young mind such as your’s to soak it up through your ears, orifices… your pores…

the game that it takes to understand the concept of a man in an orb formed to where he sees nothing more than his own world…(Shakes his head back & forth)…

… that’s a Ouija board

….being possessed by prospects of what you wish to caress… hold. Obsessed…No.

… I’d rather explain Santa Claus, good Lord!”

The young boy didn’t oblige… didn’t applaud… na… he wanted to know: “Pops, how could any man in this world have a plan and fall short?

How is that possible? With the strength of his word… and the faith of the Lord?”

His father saw the determination in his eyes…

He put his whiskey to the side…

… told the young man to have a seat adjacent to him,

upon sitting, he told him something that he would tell him once and never tell him again

“all men do not ascribe to the same rules in life…”

(he stopped 4 a minute or 2… then he continued…)

“But there is one rule above all.. you can call it a ‘man law’…..wait… na… It’s a universal law…

Have a goal, work towards it… Every 24 hours the world orbits

the solar force that causes nature to grow…

So what are you sitting still for?

Get outta my seat. Go.

Toward your goals…”

Black Eagle

Black Eagle


Black Eagle.

Talons. Talents. Fly brotha.

Stylish. Eyes of a pen point writer. pilot.

Writing in the sky reads: follow my lead…

My screech. My battle scream. I hunt snakes & mice with sight so precise.

I take flight- clear the scene…

A feather dipped in black ink is the only thing that I leave.


Bruh Wolf

Lone wolf, soft paws and sharp teeth, ferocious and fur covered, pig hunter, chicken plucker, the bigger big brother of that slick muh fuggah…Sly fox.

all dogs: pitts and rotts, beagles to dingos, even
the skinny lil doggy on the Nile with Cleo

…they all my peoples…

Well…uh… The name the Latin’s gave us, “Canis familiaris”…
That’s us.

All cute as pups… we grow up to be dangerous…

Quick lesson of life: anything with teeth… Can bite…

except for combs
humans use on their hair.

That’s neither here nor there.

Reason why I’m here: fear…

Big Black wolf…Native to North America…

No mask, no sheep’s wool…

my pack was once strong… Now some of them rest in heaven with all dogs…

Others domesticated…and some run wild

…leaving the lone wolf…walking thru dark woods.

Big moon.

I howl: oowwwwwww-ooooohhhhh!!!…

Inside the moon there’s a man…

inside this man is a wolf…

no x-man wolverine- no werewolf teen… A wolf inside a being…

soft paws…sharp teeth.

Poem: Leaders and Followers

My teen years...in loose leaf

Before this blog, my writings would go into these composition books. I have accumulated exactly 30 note books (rap books) and I have never lost 1..I believe that the basis of all good writing is poetry, and now that I’m writing in many other forms- I’d be a fool to forget where it originated. Every so often, I’ll post a poem or two. some old, some new. …and that line sounded like Dr. Sues. hahahah anyway

No need to go in order, I’ll just post it as I see fit…

Today’s entry is from November 11th 2008.

(posted tonight because of a chain of events in my life and tonights State of the Union speech. enjoy.)

Leaders and Followers.

Angel’s halos hang around aimless gangstas

and God watches over single mothers as they strip naked

however 12 demonic spirits make decisions that put Black men in prison

and the preacher teaches that there is 1 God who looks over this world we live in

so why do we have to go to your church to bare witness

players prayers answered on faulty cell phones

dropped calls- resorts in dial tones

while kids at home all alone roll up bible paper with cush

forever disabled stuck on the sofa cushion

the pope and Bush, the Dhali lama, Muslims Jihad-ing, and genocided from Darfur to Rawanda- mo problems than just Obama can conquer

we need benevolent mobbsters

need single moma’s to pop-lock-and drop it- straight to parent teacher’s conferences..

the game is follow the leader, the question is: who do the leaders follow?