Baa-Ram-Ewe Jay-Z, Baa-Ram-Ewe!

…Since we are on the topic of Images in the mass media and how the effect the greater society: let us discuss secret societies.

Shawn Cater, also known as the Brooklyn born rapper who dawns the stage name of Jay-Z, has a following that is unmatched by most contemporary rappers. His track record speaks for itself, and gives credence to his claim that he is “the best rapper alive”. But with all the praise that “Hova” (another one of his aliases) receives from his fans, supporters, and above all- consumers, it doesn’t stop eye-brow raising and the subsequent questions as to what is going on in Jay-Z’s imagination? And what are the meanings behind the latest images his videos are generating?

His newest video “On to the Next One”, is the latest successful hit from arguably the most successful rapper to ever do it. But something about this video didn’t sit right with the blog world, the real world, and has people in an uproar wondering about the symbols from the underworld.

This is video in raw form…


Jay-Z’s mysterious affiliation/ affinity for secret societies has been the topic of conversations in barbershops to business offices and back to the block, but the one question the easily entertained world is wondering: what does it all mean?

So much so, that this video was produced in effort to break down the symbolism present in his videos. Watch closely…

I find it fascinating that people are scared to speak on “the dark side”;If you shine light where there is darkness, there will no longer be darkness.

Ironically, Illuminati by definition means “the enlightened ones”. 

I found this video, where a gentleman by the name of Michael Tsarion sheds some sort of light on the symbolism in the media…

In watching this video and listening to Jay-Z’s lyrics “On To The Next One”, there are commonalities: the alcohol, the entertainment, the constant consumption of things that will bring about immediate satisfaction. These  things that will only matter until we again chose to move onto “the next one”. So when will we find “the one.”

This is how illusions in society  will steer you from true forms of fulfillment in life.

With fear that this conversation is lacking depth, I think I have the perfect way to summarize my point. Now, don’t get me misconstrued,  tangled, or twitsted, I’m not a fan of Swine or enforcers of the laws of which we (sometimes) abide by… But man, a pig has never spoken truer words:

Baaram-ewe, baaram-ewe. To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true. Sheep be true. Baaram-ewe.”-Babe

We are all sheep in way or another, but it is a matter of staying true to yourself in the midst of all this media consumption, in the midst of society, and in the midst of the unknown…know yourself: sheep be true.