Pen Point: All Over The Map. (part 1.)

I’m on the East Coast as I write this;  in Richmond, Va where it’s mid 70’s and sunny in the hood… 

 “over on the East end, in the projects.” hanging out with a friend I’ve known since I was twelve.

 I really believe in that quote, that went something like:  “at the end of the day the wealthiest man is not the man who has the dollar he started with, but the man who has the friends he started with”…( or something to that accord ). 

I’m finally getting a second to sit down after about four days of non-stop moving through Washington DC. I’m out here on the East Coast for seven more days…

I’m currently on the East Coast serving a number of purposes…

1. I have 31 notebooks and an African walking staff located in the 5th floor closet in Drew Hall on Howard’s campus… those are my prized possessions. I must send those back to Oakland.

2. speak to the good people in Howard University’s school of Communications and School of Business to reassure that when I take this remaining accounting class this upcoming Summer that I will indeed graduate… eventually.

3.Visit family and friends! … … let’s see how many places I can go and people I can see! 

(I already put a dent into my “to do” list this past weekend, we hit everything from bbq’s to concerts, and a couple of bars in-between. I saw  a lot of my people in the District and on Howard’s campus, and met a lot of new faces… good times.)

Philly's own, Young Chris at Howard's Spring Fest


the view from over DJ Chubb E. Swagg's Shoulder
O. Munoz and Freako .. chillin.


Q-Tip and Phife Dog once uttered the classic call and response: ” you on point Tip? “… “all the time Phife”…

I can relate. I’ve been on point as of late… Working, Constantly.

I teach ( a 9th grade, a Life Skills class for young men) and I do freelance journalism (focusing on a project “ OG Told Me” where I interview elders in the community) . In-between the two, I ride my bike and take pictures.

I’m back home from college and really working, and it’s a very fulfilling thing… but it’s not always fun.

This week is Spring Break for the high schools in Oakland … CANNON BALL!!!

It reminds me of a story…

you ever jumped out of a swimming pool, dipped into a hot tub, and then jumped back into the swimming pool?

That sensation is a form of shock therapy. An elderly lady once told me about it in Hawaii… Sitting in a hot tub with an elderly lady

in Hawaii is part of a totally different story about traveling…. I digress point being:

 It’s that shock sensation when you go from one extreme to the other that causes you to remember you are alive…

I’ve been in the Bay’s waters getting active, and this Spring Break- I decided to jump into the major cities of the East Coast … the way

the cities are circled by the freeway’s that end in “95” on the East Coast is almost like small hot tubs on the map, and the weather is getting hot… maybe forced, but I find that analogy applicable. 

none the less, I’ve never taken a real “Spring Break” while in college. I went to New Orleans to assist in the rebuilding process in ’07, and other than that I stayed on campus during spring break, working as a resident assistant.

This year, I had to take a break from the work that I was doing- change things up, and remind myself that I’m living … jump out of the pool and into the hot tub!

with that said, I feel like Tribe Called Quest:  “Award Tour ” :

…. DC, Richmond, NY…. Maryland, San Fran…Oaktown.