Pen Point: All Over The Map. ( P. 2)

There is no place like Home.

It’s Monday April 25th, 2011… And I’m suffering from a cold case of jet lag.

Last Monday, I wrote a blog about my adventures on the East Coast- and then I didn’t touch another computer for a week straight.

….now it’s Monday, again… last week was a blur- thank goodness for twitter and camera phones…

Monday night as I rode into Washington:


“That DC skyline is awesome”.

… I spent Tuesday running around Washington DC…


“Electrical house fire on 6th and H in NE DC. All residents were safely evacuated.”

“… Say a prayer for the elder lady and her grandson …”

“Real men don’t cry … They get chocked up.”

6th & Hst in North East Washington DC. House on fire, all occupants were safe.

(… And then I searched for my long lost notebooks…)

“From the time I was 12-22 I filled 31 journals w/ words, they’re all in Geoffery’s room in Drew Hall … I’m on a mission to get my shit.”

“My notebooks have been signed, sealed, and are now being delivered back to Oakland.”

“…Sitting in Drew Hall … Reminiscing.”

“Over the weekend, I bumped n2 a young homie who told me, “thank you for seeing the big picture.” (in reference 2my approach to being a RA)”

“… I learned more from the younger homies, than they learned from me …”

“Weed smokers are late for everything … except for 4-20 .”

“Seek knowledge. Crack jokes. Eat pizza. #college.”

…Washington DC Wednesday, April 20th….

capoeira on Howard's campus
J. Cox. in the Dojo.


“Do yall remember what happened last 4-20? … I do. Four words: Gulf coast oil spill.”


“Spread love.”

“having fun”

…New York for the weekend…


Uncle Smokey and his newest grand baby
Central Park
Harlem, USA.
I spy: "Get God"


“New Jersey turnpike… Word to Assata Shakur.”

” *Kicks in the door, waives the 4-4*.”

“….sitting in a park in midtown Manhattan …. Feeding the birds. Word to the spooky lady on Home Alone 2.”

“At a park in Bed-Stuy, chopping game about life with my bru Justin… I’ve known bru since I was 5…life is good.”

“Lost in new york… Again.”

“…At a diner somewhere on the lower east side…dolo. Drinking coffee.”

“Being in love with one person > being loved by a lot of people.”

” This is the time of day that you’re supposed to be thinking about life…”

“As I stare into my swirling 3rd round of coffee, my critical thoughts about life are interrupted by a certain Rihanna song stuck in my head.”

 “Every time I come to NY, I get lost… Yet somehow, I never lose.”

… One last night in Washington DC…

tweets ( only 1): “I just saw a real streaker. #6wordstory .”

Washington, DC. U st. CVS Parking Lot. Late night... backdrops are provided for those who want flick it up with the posse... ( I took this pic over the shoulder)

…As I made my way to the airport on Sunday afternoon I fired off a number of tweets, but these two stuck with me…

tweets: “… The greatest stories are “love” stories…hands down. But without the “coming of age” story, you can’t have the love story.”

“( I reference “Love and Basketball” and ” The Lion King” as examples of that last tweet.)”

… In Conclusion …

about friends: They say, don’t burn bridges… I say: don’t even let them grow cobwebs…

about love: Seek knowledge, love will eventually come.

about life: leave me alone to my vices and my crafts, and I can never be mad.

Ashley Christina Reid. RIP.


Twittpic: Caught Slee-Penn…

…The last thing I remember thinking:

“After a long night of darkness, the sun rises fast”.

And the next thing I know… this was on twitter….

Caught Slee-Penn
Caught Slee-Penn

Will Worley, a good friend, talented event host, and aspiring  paparazzi photographer caught me dozing at the wheel. While I was knocked out,  Will knocked out a vicious perspective about not being able to reverse, I suggest you take a glance, when you get the chance: 2 Weeks Notice

I digress…

This photo of me,  in what the advertising department of Apple inc. should call the “i-sleep” position is a product of  “finals time”. A time period where college students work odd hours, eyes-red in the glow of computers,  as they pound out final projects. Look, I’m no the only one…

a good friend of mines, Charles, catching some Z's.

This is a photo of a good friend of mines by the name of Charles. In this photo Charles has succumb to the lifestyle of a college student living through the gauntlet of finals: knocked out in the computer lab. This picture was taken just days prior to my sleeping beauty pose. This picture was captured by President L. Davis; who, like Will Worley, is also a talented event host and an aspiring paparazzi photographer… And however talented Will and President might be, they have nothing on Charles’ good friend- a man by the name of “Darnell the anonymous” took this photo of an inebriated i-lab dweller…known as “#DrunkILabGuy”.

drunk-ilab guy

The story behind the photo, is a common tale of an inebriated soul that was ushered into the computer lab by an unidentified assailant, and then abandoned in the bathroom stall to sleep his night away.

No, I was not forced to re-post this picture of this unassuming individual, however,  my theory is that- people don’t see how deep shit is, until they come face to face with the toilet.

This could have been you or I caught in eye of a camera phone; just to be carbon-copied all around the wonderful websites the world wide web has to offer. The concept of paparzzi-esque exposure has gone from publishing compromising pictures of public figures, to publishing compromising pictures of private citizens in public places. There are studies on top of studies of how many cameras are present in society, or how often Americans unknowingly appear on camera; many of which I could very well supplement the point I am attempting to drive home through this train of thought, but to keep it simple: watch what you do, more than likely someone is watching you.

No Gravity

I took a flight from California to Washington, D.C. on February 16th, 2010. The flight landed. I didn’t.

As the night turned from the Fat Tuesday Holiday of Mardi Gras, into the Ash Wednesday that is the first day of Lent, although I am not Catholic, I decided for the 40 days of Lent, I would give up Gravity. 


I joke sometimes, when I see someone drop something out of obvious clumsiness: “don’t worry about it, it’s a high gravity day”.

But what if you awoke one morning and there was a no gravity day… I known i’m venturing along the lines of the esoteric (weird) world. But just think for a minute: if you defy one of the elementary laws of physics and proceed to rise as you desire, then what physical being can stop you from rising?

What can hold you down, if gravity can’t? 

I got off of my flight and went on a twitter rant….Or as I like to call it: standing on my “milk crate”…

These were the results…

The plane landed…I didn’t…#NoGravity 12:10 AM Feb 17th 

#NoGravity…this make sense 2 me- once you defy 1 of the basic laws of physics- what can another human being do to hold you down? 12:12 AM Feb 17th

So when hw, $, and otha bullshit is holdin me down…the voice n my head is finna say “fuck that bru! #NoGravity“…and I’m back on ma shit! 12:17 AM Feb 17th   

My soul is too young to be pacified. I gotta burning desire to be satisfied….. #NoGravity. 12:19 AM Feb 17th   

“Keep yo head-up”-Tupac…. #NoGravity. 12:20 AM Feb 17th   

Yea, and fuck Isaac Newton…#NoGravity. 12:21 AM Feb 17th  

But speaking of “Newton”…happy birthday to Huey P. Newton….Fist up High…#NoGravity. 12:22 AM Feb 17th  

Speaking of B-days…happy B-day to Michael Jordan…yea, he knows about the #NoGravity movement. 12:23 AM Feb 17th   

And most importantly -Happy Born Day to my momma…she’s an angel on earth….#NoGravity 12:24 AM Feb 17th  

*This time imma just levitate off of my twitter-rant milk crate…#NoGravity * 12:29 AM Feb 17th

And before I went to sleep…this was my last tweet…

When u live n a world w/ #NoGravity… U don’t lay down to sleep…fuck na…u jus simply rest UP!…peace. 2:08 AM Feb 17th

I admit, explaining my mindset to people has been rather challenging. When you tell someone that you don’t believe in gravity-  they look at you like you came from a planet without gravity!

But when I explain how the feeling of “heavy gravity days” is the problem that usually sets me, and many others back, people start to listen. Who can’t relate to those days when the world has you bogged down, those days where you don’t want to get out of bed, or even those days where you clumsily drop something and some witty-wiseguy takes it upon himself to make light of the situation…

So with that said, no more heavy gravity days. period. And for the next 40 days…no gravity- I’m taking to the sky!

…this is just my train of thought…