3 thoughts on “Grant Station Project: Video explanation behind the movement.

  1. Asking the question to Mayor Dellums, regarding changing the Fruitvale Bart Station’s name to” Grant Station” was brillant. Following up to insure it happens is sheer genuis. Big Alpplause!

  2. Good Idea, but this was my original idea. I circulated a petition January 15, 2009, 14 days after the shooting, and spoke about it at a City Hall rally on October 22, 2009.

    From: Law Wheels
    Sent: Thu, October 22, 2009 8:32:40 AM
    Subject: Public Address

    Today, at about noon, on the Oakland city hall steps, I am supposed to address the city at a rally on police misconduct following the venue transfer of Mehserle.

    I hope you all remember the petition I started earlier in the year to re-name the Fruitvale BART station and to have placed there a bust or plaque with an inscription. Today, I will be passing out some more of those petitions. Thank you to those who returned them . You know that it is not about me, or about Mehserle, or even necessarily about Oscar Grant, as a individual. It is about the future and the hope that this sort of tragedy never takes place again. If you need another copy of the petition, let me know.

    Wayne Johnson

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